PT Phytochemindo Reksa


Kab. Bogor, Jawa Barat

Jalan Mercedes Benz No. 105 Gunung Putri, Bogor 16964

About Company

PT. PHYTOCHEMINDO REKSA is a standardized herbal extract factory that continuously develops herbal extract based products. This company has identified more than 222 types of exotic plants that can be used in modern herbal medicines as well as the latest pharmaceutical products. PT. Phytochemindo Reksa also offers contract manufacturing services for herbal formulations and supplements (private label), and always collaborates with research bodies both at home and abroad. CPOTB or GMP standards, the main concentration of PT. Phytochemindo is an Indonesian herbal plant that has registered the best CPOTB in 2015. This company has worked for 31 years and is continuing to develop in its field, now opening vacancies for creative, energetic and dynamic employees to become part of PT. Phytochemindo Reksa family.

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