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Kab. Sleman, DI Yogyakarta

Jalan Monjali No. 99, Gemawang, Sinduadi, Mlati,

About Company

Our business was created by the philosophy of empowerment, inspiration and innovation. We respect the differences among our consumers. People don't have the same skin, they have their unique character, that's why we encourage the women to be the best version of themselves and to be more confident with their uniqueness. We also continue to strive for product innovation with the best ingredients from nature and continuing to explore the most advanced science-technology while maintaining biodiversity at the same time.


Become a leader in beauty industry who can empower woman to be more confident and bolder.


Distributing products with high quality, safe, and comfortable. Creating product innovations on a regular basis through thorough research and development. Increasing the competences of strong human resources and organizations. Providing education and implementing good and quality service for customer satisfaction.

Corporate Values

P ~ Passion: Our business is more than just money growth, It's about passion, ambition, and inspiration.

D ~ Dream: What we dream, we do

I ~ Integrity: Be great, and real

T ~ Togetherness: Team work makes the dream works

W ~ Winning Mentality: We are here to win, to be number one, and we'll #makeithappens

S ~ Striving Excellence: Never do good enough, do great!

S ~ Sense of belonging: Hear, learn, the outcomes. Focus on building values, and being different from others

W ~ We are the brand: We innovate, we educate, and we inspire

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